'Almost Spring' Maracuja & Geranium facial oil

With the days getting longer and sunnier, it doesn't seem too long left until Spring. The local florist's are starting to have a variety of gorgeous spring flowers on display, the air is beginning to smell fresher and (I swear, I saw it!) the cherry trees seem to be budding too! But although it might already feel like it, I think it will be a little while until spring finally manifests.

Vodka and Aloe Vera facial toner

I’m not a big fan of dry January, because I believe that everything good in life comes from maintaining a healthy balance rather than starving yourself to death or making big sacrifices. So when I saw that bottle of Russian Standard Vodka on my kitchen shelf, I had the urge to crack it open straight away - using it as an ingredient for a balancing and clarifying facial toner!

O Jeju, a skincare heaven in Krakow

Recently, I found myself shopping in the Jewish quarter in Krakow. Having just completed four whole days of a traditional Polish wedding (a friend from London got married in Warsaw, her home town), me and my friend felt the urge to do our post wedding Vodka dehydrated skin some good and decided we need a face mask ASAP.

Ingred spotlight: magic multitasker Watermelon

Who says Watermelon is only good in Summer?  Sure, we all love a slice of Watermelon on a hot summer day (not alone as a prop for that Insta-worthy shot), but it can also make dry winter skin very happy. Watermelon Seed Oil (Scientific name: Citrullus lanatus), which is won by cold pressing sun-dried watermelon seeds, is probably the best a Watermelon has to offer.