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Recycle your coffee grounds with this Coconut scrub

Recycle your coffee grounds with this Coconut scrub

This super-simple homemade scrub takes 10 minutes to make. It's a great way to kick off a lazy Sunday, and makes for super smooth babe skin - for the rest of the week!

Don't know about you, but I always wondered what to do with all the leftover coffee grounds you have in your cafetiere. In this recipe they are used as an exfoliating agent, alongside the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which provides skin with moisture. This is a power combination because whilst exfoliating drenches skin, Coconut Oil makes up for it by providing skin with a deep moisture boost whilst you scrub. You can also add some Dissected Coconut flakes as an extra exfoliating agent if you have them at hand.

 All ingredients are found in your kitchen

All ingredients are found in your kitchen

Plunder your cupboards

All the ingredients are probably found in your kitchen cupboard. You can (but don't have to) use Dissected Coconut, which you can buy at Wholefoods. If you don't have Dissected Coconut at hand you can use Himalayan Salt instead to add an extra exfoliation agent, however note that due to it's rougher and larger granules it might irritate sensitive skin. Note that this is a fresh recipe and is meant to be used for a one-off treatment, so use the scrub mixture straight after making it. If you keep it longer than a couple of hours the grounds will start going off. 

INGREDIENTS (for 1 treatment)
3/4 cup Coffee Grounds
1 tbsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Dissected Coconut

1. Measure the grounds and Virgin Coconut Oil and put them into a mixing bowl and whisk them up into an even texture.
2. Add dissected coconut flakes and mix them into the mixture.

Feet so smooth, it makes you slip

After you've mixed it all up, use the scrub immediately (otherwise the coconut flakes get too soft and won't scrub). The scrub is best used whilst you shower - it can get a bit messy! Apply it to arms, legs, boobs, booty and - super pleasant scrub sensation - feet, and scrub in circular motion in order to slough off all the dead skin cells. And watch not to slip on those bathroom tiles when you get out of the shower - my skin was so soft that I actually almost did.

Hopefully you enjoy this DIY. As always, feel free to leave your feedback or suggestions!

Stay Gorgeous x

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